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Led and Cold cathode Lighting. Techniques, solutions, components, performances.

Every detail is important, every part is fundamental to achieve the expected result.

Everything is designed and manufactured with the utmost care, to the smallest detail, in a unique harmony of lights and shapes.

"If you do not want, that your life to go on dull, gray and empty, let it be illumined by the light of a great and noble idea" -Sandro Pertini-


We prepare complete and detailed shop drawings of our lamps as for client specification, thus turning a "vision" into a physical device that will create the expected lighting effect.


Every single lamp is supplied with a dedicated sticker indicating the drawing reference, th item number and all the techincal data of the lamp, for an easy, quick and safe installation. In case of replacement of exhausted lamps, sending the code present in the label will be enough to receive identical ones.


We offer to our customers a professional lighting design service. Using the photometric data of our products and lighting calculation software, we are able to provide, upon request, a complete service on the design of the light.

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The Lighting Solution, that care to design and tech performance for the real world.

Antrox offers a smart lighting solution that allows to create to the companies, to its customers lighting systems, products and physical dispositive: an integrated vision, global and oriented to the satisfaction of each project.

But not limited to, the integration comes from your needs, from your projec, from your design giving you an integrated and global vision of Led illumination or cold cathode, in your environment.

The solution to your lighting project is fundamental

Antrox creates and manages with you an interaction with your customers allowing you to achieve the best lighting solution with plug&play products , and thanks to an activity of the initial evaluation and a custom design.

Led and Cold cathode Lighting. Techniques, solutions, components, performances

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